Our first review...
As for Tulum and Casa Carolina, it was fabulous!
 The place is incredible with the unmatched
 beach, the cool vibe, the funky restaurants &
 hotels and the nice people everywhere.
We met all types there, even Sting was staying
 next door.  We all love Tulum now!

Your house is equally wonderful; stylish, big,
functional, perfect for a large group such as
ours. We grew to love it as it fit our needs very
well.  Congrats, you have a great house.

Juan and Julieta were wonderful, ultra friendly
 & helpful.  They really are very nice people, we 
really liked them. They cooked up a delicious
 storm everyday & we really appreciated their
cooking, cleaning & positive attitude.  Please
send them our best, we want to make sure they
are acknowledged for their great work.

All in all, we loved it Matt. It was a magical
place & a wonderful holiday for us. Your house
was perfect for a family like ours.

 Mengo M.
The ultimate Tulum villa
The ultimate Tulum location...

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